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Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Man, I want a bloody cigarette!!!
A little over a week and a half and I'm gagging. Thought it was meant to get easier?!?!?!

That hot dog is timely. I just watched the show where that fat guy takes on various "all you can eat" food challenges etc and they featured those very dogs from Lafayette in the prelude (fwiw, too many onions for my liking). Then he sat down and proceeded to gorge himself stupid on a mountainous plate of some chili infested muck. Man can that dude eat or what?
HA! I am lucky - I have smoked for about 25 years, just three times a week or so. It's a treat so I isolate myself, make sure I have no distractions and I smoke in a mindful, focused manner. Plus you get a whale of a buzz if you just some once every few days. For you to do that would probably drive you insane, though.
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