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Originally Posted by T-1000
Your tone of voice (typing?) is as if to say (and here's my pseudo creative analogy): 'yes, that is a good painting...for a toddler, but you can't really compare it to Picasso now, can you?'
Dogbreath liked it!!!

No; I see what you are saying. Like Roger Ebert, my rating system is pretty relative. I'm really just saying that, a pop-punk band will usually fit it's intended style. I definately think a pop-punk band can be good (I personally like Billy Talent, who are more revival type punk, but pop-like notheless). I don't mean to undermind pop-punk; if I did I seem to deride it in any way, it was unintentional. What I meant to say was; Pop-punk drumming and jazz drumming are going to be completely different, as each will try and satisfy the needs of its own style. I don't mean to say one is better than the other; I appreciate you voicing (in this case typing) your opinion. Hope I cleared that up.

- Marc
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