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Default Re: The Reverend

Well, he plays a drum solo at most of their shows, but that would be mostly crowd pleaser stuff. He recorded "Waking The Fallen" in 2 weeks, and "Sounding The Seventh Trumpet" the band recoded without a click. I recall a interview of the Rev saying almost all of "Waking the fallen" was made on the spot, they only had general ideas of the songs and he just threw in whatever and it turned out pretty good!

Personally i never got the hype with Lombardo. Though i've only listen to a few of Slayers songs and have only herd his clip on drummerworld which was ok, but it didn't me give the "aw" reaction i was expecting. He's still a great drummer tho, just not the kind im into.
I'm more of a Benny Grebb kinda guy.

Just wanted to add, i don't think his fills are amazing or blazing fast, just tasteful!
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