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Default Re: TAMA Speed Cobra

i've had my sc double pedal for almost a year, and i'm still not quite used to them. they are VERY well made. high quality throughout, so i'm happy about that. i've used conventional pedals my whole life, so the long board is really taking some getting used to. my last pedal is/was a gibraltar direct drive avenger. nice pedal. i still use it. i trade off between those and the speed cobras. the beauty of the sc is it's adjust ability, which is why i'm keeping them. like one of the previous posters said, they are VERY low. i adjusted them quite a bit higher, and eschewed the cobra coil device. with the footboards higher, the cobra coils are redundant. the beaters are fine, but the felt is not particularly durable. mine are just about used up. i've had no problems with the hoop clamp, but mine does slide all the way up to the stops. i have the master and slave adjusted almost exactly the same, and i check the slave with my right foot- no perceptible difference. i had to make my own reference marks for beater angle on the slave, and when checking spring angle on the slave, i disconnect the drive shaft, and transfer the black end cap from the master to the slave, just to see how close the two are in adjustment. if you ever play heal down, the long boards can be a surprise. if your feet have moved forward (there's nothing to stop them from that), heel down will be difficult. like stepping on a brick.
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