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Default Re: The Reverend

Yes there are many drummers in genre of music that are just as good or better. I think the "X" factor for me would be his style for lack of a better word. You know he has awsum chops, but he doesnt bust them out every fill, he spends time thinking what would fit best and what would compliment the other instruments, he knows when to play and when not to i guess you could say. I also think you can tell hes holding back in his playing, which is mature and not often a strong point in his genre.

It's kinda of funny, you hear all these metal drummers that show great chops, and have great independence over their limbs, but they don't inspire as many people to start playing as the Rev dose. I believe it's because when he dose decide to display his chops, it has more of a shock value then these other guys do, simply because he doesnt do it every song. (I'm not saying all other metal drummers only play fast repetitive fills either) So i guess in conclusion he's just very tasteful player that plays for the music and not just himself. IMO :)
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