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Default Re: My brand spanking new Mapex Saturn - Now with 100% more ROCK and 46% more ROLL

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Naige, I will forever associate Mapex Saturns with Sticks. If these are as good as you say then maybe our dearly departed was on to something and has been unfairly judged? All I gathered from chats here is that Mapex were a lower-to-mid level brand but many budget brands have made the step up, eg. Pearl, Tama, Yamaha so it's no surprise that other brands follow suit.
I've never seen Mapex referred to as a mid level brand, at least not for the last 10-15 years. Their top lines are definitely up there with anything from comparable brands (Tama, Pearl, Premier, etc). These Saturns, along with the couple of Orion kits I've played, are easily some of the best sounding kits I've sat behind.

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
You do realize cutting a hole in the center of your kick reso head is like having no head at all right?
That's not what I've heard, and it definitely doesn't sound single headed to me. I've never noticed a difference in sound or feel based on where I've placed a port hole; it's only ever been determined by the hole size.

Like I said though, I'll be replacing this head anyway (never been a fan of the black glossy kick reso, and with a white kit it looks even more out of place), so I'm just experimenting for now :-)

Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
Nice kit, Naige. So do you let go of your Sonor? I used a Mapex kit for years, but it was
an Orion. I loved it. Funnily, now I play a Sonor :).

Nice finish, and I'd love to see how 24" BD and 18" tom sound and feel!! The BD sure
is deeper than those vintage kit BDs that are 24x14 mostly I believe.
I'll put the Sonor up for sale. The market for used midrange kits isn't exactly huge here though, so there's a strong possibility I'll end up hanging on to it. If I ever do get a soundproof room in my home I'll at least have a kit to put there :-)

The kick is a powerhouse for sure. I haven't found the sweet spot for the 18" tom yet, but it sounds thunderous even now. As with my Sonors, I'll need to screw around with the tunings of the floor toms to find where they sound great and at the same time don't set eachother off. Right now, the 16" rings out whenever I hit the 18", so I'll have to move their tunings a bit further apart.
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