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Whoo beatsmcgee!! And is that Thomas Delonge, the man himself, on your picture thing-ey? Anyway, tambian89, sir, I respect your opinions and somewhat creative analogies, but you seem to have a (perhaps unintended) patronizing attitude towards drummers within the 'pop-punk' genre. Your tone of voice (typing?) is as if to say (and here's my pseudo creative analogy): 'yes, that is a good painting...for a toddler, but you can't really compare it to Picasso now, can you?'

Give the pop-punk guys more credit than this!! I keep saying this; check out Sum 41's All Killer... the 2nd song has an intro in 7/4, and like 40 seconds into the 12th song, there are alternating bars of 4/4 and 6/4...from a mall punk band!? Who'd have thought it? Jordan Burns of Strung Out even plays double kick and more than 2 toms(!)

Travis's playing is a microcosm of Blink's music: simple, fun, catchy and energetic; easy (or relatively easy) to play, not so easy to come up with...

EDIT: and beatz, Chad Sexton of 311, and Derek Grant of Alkaline Trio also seem to be right up your street; the street of creative grooves, great feel and ample technicality. Come on guys, what more could you ask of a drummer?
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