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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Good on you Larry. Of course, you'll get the "a gig's a gig" brigade chirping away, but sometimes it's just not viable.

I had to waste several hours of my time at a passport office yesterday (about 1.5 hours drive from my house). It just happened to be near a gigging venue we have booked in November, so I went to check it out. Big enough room & stage, but the owner was being an A hole. The whole place has "cabaret centric" written all over it. I've seen Youtube videos of acts playing there, & they're lame to say the least. I'm just getting a hint that lame actually goes down well there, & our kind of show will be frowned upon. Conservative with a big "C". I think they booked the wrong band, so currently contemplating bailing out :(
Conservative Club by any chance?

I don't think there's any amount of money that would make me play in a Tory Hothouse!

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