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Default Re: In Remembrance...

Thank you as well, Steve. And thank you for the remembrance, Mary.

This is always a hard day for my wife and I. Despite being from way across the country, we lost 3 good friends on the day (two on Flight 93, one at Cantor Fitzgerald). And then we lost my wife's brother this spring, in part due to lingering health problems stemming from the weeks he spent working on the pile as a member of FEMA Team 1.

We were just at the Memorial in July, and found and photographed the names of our friends. I can't imagine how hard it was and is for the folks who all live right there. Thanks to all the first responders for their sacrifices and their hard work. And our hearts go out to anyone who felt the loss directly as well. None of us will ever be the same, but we will press on. And none of us will ever forget....
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