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Default Re: In Remembrance...

Originally Posted by MaryO View Post

For those lost 11 years ago today in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. Shall we always remember....

11 years ago today, I was a police officer in Tennessee working at 2 schools. I remember bursting into one of the principal's offices, breaking into a meeting and demanding she turn on her television set. Once she got over the anger and saw the look on my face she did and we sat and watched in horror at what was unfolding on the screen before us. After that it was down to business, keeping children occupied and teachers calmed as we had some with connections to people in those 3 locations.

As I watched, I wondered if I would have had the courage to do what those police and firemen who gave their lives that day did. To all who gave their lives either as civilians or in the line of duty,..we remember and thank you. May you forever Rest in Peace.

Mary.....first let me say thank you.I'm proudly retired NYPD and I was a first responder that day.I lost a few friends,and nearly my son who worked in the Trade Center for Cantor Fitzgerald.

The reason my kid's still alive is he had an extra cup of coffee on the ferry boat ride from Staten Island that morning,and actually had to use the port-a-john a couple of blocks away.He had just come out and was around the corner when the first tower fell.

I could tell you all tons of stories about that day,but that one about my son and meeting my former high school friend and bandmate at ground zero that day was just amazing.My buddy was a retired FDNY lieutenant and responded in his bunker gear to help out.I was also retired from about 6 months before, as a Crime Scene Unit Detective.There was so much chaos that day,the mayor was asking for retired cops and firemen to respond.

I worked on the "pile" at ground zero for a few days,and then at the land fill,collecting remains for DNA testing and crime scene evidence.

This event in our history is something that can't be forgotton about.........ever.The World Trade Center,The Pentagon,and the bravery of the passengers of United flight 93 to crash their own plane should serve as a reminder that freedom isn't free.

Mods..I tried to be as apolitical as I could.

Steve B
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