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Default In Remembrance...

For those lost 11 years ago today in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. Shall we always remember....

11 years ago today, I was a police officer in Tennessee working at 2 schools. I remember bursting into one of the principal's offices, breaking into a meeting and demanding she turn on her television set. Once she got over the anger and saw the look on my face she did and we sat and watched in horror at what was unfolding on the screen before us. After that it was down to business, keeping children occupied and teachers calmed as we had some with connections to people in those 3 locations.

As I watched, I wondered if I would have had the courage to do what those police and firemen who gave their lives that day did. To all who gave their lives either as civilians or in the line of duty,..we remember and thank you. May you forever Rest in Peace.
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