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Originally Posted by T-1000
Funny everyone says how people will eventually grow out of Travis when they hear all the old jazz greats. When I first started drumming, I really wanted to be awed by the 'best' drummer, so I checked out Buddy Rich's solo's, of course. Although initially the sheer speed was impressive, the effect wore off quickly, because speed can only do so much, but then I saw Travis's solo's, and they were played with energy and agression, and it did it for me. I still haven't got bored of Travis's playing...

damn finally some one i agree with, i am the same way.. ive seen all the greats and i know what everyone has to offer, and im aware travis isnt "technically" the best, but hes still my fav for the same reason.. his drumming is catchy, energetic, fun, and skillful. i mean you see all the blazing solos and stuff, but i am always a sucker for like a cool groove, and to me travis offers alot of interesting beats and fills... hes got a cool style too.. i havnt seen anyone that tops his stage presence.
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