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Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
Our education system is failing us in every way possible.Critical thinkers are branded as anti-American.
Same in Oz, thought not as bad thanks (I guess) to a less nation-centric education system, less religious fundamentalism and high numbers of intelligent Chinese and Indians coming here.

For some reason governments think that providing heavily underfunded public schools is a good idea. Nope ... if you're going to run schools, then those schools should be run well. If the nation can't afford it then cut something else (logically, each nation doesn't need more nuclear warheads than is required to destroy the entire world a couple of times ... maybe twice is a good amount, just to make sure the job's done properly).

My thought for the day: I am not coping with all the passwords needed for the dozens of services that require passwords. They say that you shouldn't repeat them ... how do you remember 17 passwords (not to mention usernames and pins)? You can't leave them on your computer or you leave yourself open to hackers. They say you shouldn't write them down because of possible break ins.

I spend half my life contacting service providers asking for replacement passwords.
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