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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Just read this:
The past few decades have hollowed out the once-mighty American middle-class - while in 1970, the middle-class earned 62 per cent of the nation's income, by 2010 that proportion had shrunk to 45 per cent. The income share earnt by the top income bracket, meanwhile (these figures come from a Pew Research Centre report released last month), has gone from 29 per cent to 46 per cent.
and it made me think of George Carlin (language alert)

And the gap gets wider every year.The middle class are vanishing.This trend actually started becoming more prevelent in the early 70's.

My dads company,up and moved to the next state where the tax structure was more corporate friendly.Under corporate re-organization,all employees were fired,and their pension money was used to pay off the companys debt,and moving cost.

Former employees were allowed first pick at jobs in the newly named company,for entry level pay,and reduced benefits.This also saved the company the added expence of re-training their work force.

Believe it or not,most employees decided that the 2 hour commute,and extra gas and tolls were worth it.

Carlin is unfortunately correct.It's the dumbing down of Americans,that allows this to happen.Our education system is failing us in every way possible.Critical thinkers are branded as anti-American.

Just turn on any TV,and watch "reality" shows like Jersey Shore,or Mob Wives.They have now set the bar to an all time low for a standard in what's considered entertainment.

Steve B
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