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Default Re: Yet another mic thread.

Originally Posted by TopCat

I'm joining a band with some experienced players who have booked recording time in april. I know nothing about good mic's and have no studio/recording experience. I want to buy a decent mic set, that would suit a 5 piec with hats, ride, 3x crash, 2x china + splash.

If someone could point out to me whats necessary/whats not necessary etc or make any suggestions, it would be a great help.

Hey Topcat.

Most of the bigger mic companies (Shure (, Sennheiser (, etc.) make drumset packages. For example, Shure has a couple of packages with different mics/numbers of mics. The main difference in their kits is that one uses plastic housing for the mics (PG-series) and the other (SM and Beta I think - more expensive) uses metal. The metal-housed mics would be best for gigging, IMHO, as they would necessarily suffer more abuse then studio mics if only for the fact that they would need to be moved around a lot.

Instead of a package (which I find doesn't save you much cash) that kind of locks you into one brand, you can simply build up your own selection. In fact, depending on the venues you'll be working, you may be able to start small (overheads and a kick, and maybe a snare mic) and pick up extras as needed.

Another thing to remember is that all of the mics need to plug in somewhere. More mics mean more cables, larger mixers, more cash, etc. Personally, I'd rather buy a few great mics than a ton of crappy ones.

Good luck...

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