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Default Re: bell sound samples (from DIY bells)

Originally Posted by Toolate View Post
nice work- ever try to make a lathe with a drill to turn them round that way? The brass is soft and would probably turn easily. I need more time to play like you- looks like fun.
Would be a nice and cool option - maybe in the longer run. For now I'm ok with my current procedure as I think I have the hang of it. After the first few bells it feels quite easy, I've still been perfecting some steps since then and for DIY (no turning equipment) they came out great. Bigger cymbals would benefit more from good roundness by lathes though.

Originally Posted by Toolate View Post
I would also, with as many as you have, try my hand at hand hammering a few of them, maybe practice before cutting the bell out to learn how to do it and ehat the different patterns do to the sound so you could still have your bell.
I never thought of that. First I have zero experience in hammering (how to, and the effects or what I'd have to do in order to get which changes), and secondly I assume that the material basically has been 'finished' by the manufacturer meaning that at least some of the material had enough stress during manufacturing and probably wouldn't want to take much more. Might be different with cymbals/bells with (almost) plain/unhammered material.

I'm fine checking out how the bells sound after cutting the cymbals and they are all useable and nice sounding. I like their sonic characteristics and would rather collect more of them and group them to reasonable/desired 'families' (e.g. depending on scales/harmonic relationships) than just start experimenting with hammering them. But you're right - I do have a bunch of them and while some feel and sound (and also _look_) more hi-endish than others some of them (a few Paiste's) are quite similar in size, sound and pitch. So hammering would be an alternative to selling.

Originally Posted by Toolate View Post
Do you have 10 bells on your kit?
Do you mean as from the pics of my drumkit in that "Show us..." thread? I put them up just for more practice fun and to accomodate some of them. My drumkit is brand new and the setup is constantly changing as I'm experimenting with placement, distances etc). For those pics I arranged the bells in a somewhat unorthodox way. I just started making some bell holders (basically the same design you see by those DIY'ers inspired by Gavin Harrison) and bought material for 2 5-way holders. I would integrate at least one of those holders into my setup - either placed on top of the hihat (stacked) or in close proximity. I'll certainly do more sound samples when the holders are ready because playing those bells in melodic/rhythmic patterns is where the real fun begins.

DIY bell holder
Here's more info on the materials for those DIY bell holders (got them from the local hardware store):
1x square tub (anodized aluminum, 16mm x 16mm x 1m) = 12.49 Euros
2x round ducts (anodized aluminum, 1 m each, fits/covers M8 threads) = 2x 2.79 = 5.58 Euros
2x threaded rods M8 (1 m each, stainless steel) = 2x 5.99 = 11.98 Euros
(Those 2 rubber hoses on the pics are for aquariums but can be used as cymbal sleeves - I have several cymbal holders with the sleeves missing.)
Makes a total of around 30 Euros for most of the stuff to make 2 bell holders of.

Dimensions (according to the drawing I made, based from a few DIY pics of bell holders I found on the web):
Length = 41.3 cm (The remaining piece of around 17 cm might be enough to make a 2-way bell holder, haha).
Width = 16mm (more than strong enough - the other DIY'ers seem to prefer 20mm). The distance between the bell posts will be 9.5 cm. The bells (or lower felts) will be placed at a height of 3.5cm (3x lower posts) and 10.0cm (2x higher posts) respectively.
I got one used Pearl cymbal stand off Ebay (probably an older model) and it came with a cymbal post/stacker which had pretty much the height and threads needed for those 5-way bell holders. Those Pearl (or other) posts/stackers might be available (starting from around 8 Euros each it seems) but I'll find another way to do it. I thought I'd use the round ducts to create the 'distance' I need, then put some cymbal sleeves (either going to buy some or find a substitute/workaround) on top of them, that's it - pretty simple I guess/hope.
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