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Default Re: Thought Travis was gonna break the record

Originally Posted by beatsMcGee
wow i stand corrected... good work. i never heard him say that, but like said i think hes uber busy with his lik multiple bands and company and what not.. whos boo? im guessing some one that runs WFD ? i know travis has good technique but those world fastest drummers dudes probably (correct me if im wrong ) focus 90% of their practice time on signle strokes, they probably are barely medicor on the kit.. ( bash away im sure some one will throw my last sentence in my face)...

p.s you know boo ?
No Problem. Boo and Craig are the two guys that started all this. Yes I know them and from time to time, well a lot the past 6 months have worked for them. Mostly editing and shooting videos for them.

Tim Yeung is a WFD guy and so, do you really think he is as you say 'medicor' on the kit? A lot of these guys have sold quite a few records and packed out a great deal of venues just to be as you say 'medicor' on the kit. But hey that your opinion and your have a right to voice it no matter if it's true or false, I guess.

Not meant as bashing, just informative education.

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