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Default Re: bell sound samples (from DIY bells)

Haha - thanks Andy! (Maybe I have too much time on my hands...)

It's so ridiculous to assume that once a cymbal has a crack it's 'broken' - yes it is compared to the original condition of course but as long as the bell and a minimum of bow around is intact you can always make something nice out of it. Or cut cymbals down to splashes (done this 4 times so far) - or do some O-zone style cymbals (done this once - a lot of work!).

As for creativity... I still haven't discarded all the remaining parts after the modifications. In fact some weeks ago I cut most of that rest material into whatever might be useful in the future - into cymbal rings (to stack them for sound effects). And I prepared a few 14'' and 13'' effects cymbal rings JoJo Mayer style, for electronic sound effects.

It's really become an addiction. And honestly buying various stuff and making bells out of it was my first real encounter with cymbals on the market. Now I have some better idea of what to look for and what to avoid. Although - that's my experience - even lesser quality cymbals can make a fine bell.

Here's some more pics - those 13 most recent cymbals (2 auctions, same seller).

That Sabian XS20 was useable in 'repaired' condition but I decided to reduce it to the next smaller size and getting rid of the 'repaired' area. It has lost some volume and fullness but still makes a fine crash.

I reduced those Meinl Generation X Thomas Lang cymbals (1 compressor crash, 1 klub ride) to 14'' because I wanted to use them as my 2nd hihat set. Their bows are so flat that they hardly close when mounted on my Tama Iron Cobra hihat stand. They're ok as splashes. If I made them into bells those bells would be by far the smallest so far - might be a very interesting sound.
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