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Default Re: Thought Travis was gonna break the record

Originally Posted by ThomasDee
Actually at one time it was at MTV's web page of Travis. He said he was spending time with his dog and training to break the world's fastest drummer record. This was several years and a couple of marriages and TV shows ago, so who knows what happened. He definately doesn't need to money, gear or publicity, so if he did it, it would be simply a personal goal of his to have the title.

I asked about this when he made that statement and Boo said not to count him out for he was much faster and had better technique than many would think. Back then though the record was held by Johnny Rabb or Art Verdi and around the high 1000's or early 1100's. Now it's over 1200 and climbing. Honestly there's only a handful in the world that are capable of running at these kinds of speed. Think about it, that's over 20 times per second every second for a full minute. Can you name 5 drummers in the world that you honestly believe can do that? Mangini is the ONLY person in the history of the world that has OFFICIALLY been through the 1200 barrier with hand singles. That's quite an achevement.

Travis does have a couple of drumometers and I think possibly he and Boo still talk. Not sure I'll ask what's up...........TD

wow i stand corrected... good work. i never heard him say that, but like said i think hes uber busy with his lik multiple bands and company and what not.. whos boo? im guessing some one that runs WFD ? i know travis has good technique but those world fastest drummers dudes probably (correct me if im wrong ) focus 90% of their practice time on signle strokes, they probably are barely medicor on the kit.. ( bash away im sure some one will throw my last sentence in my face)...

p.s you know boo ?
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