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Default Re: Chillies. Who loves chillies?

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
I do!

I love spicy food, in general. The last couple years, I've taken up gardening and I've had great success growing peppers both sweet and hot. This year, I grew hot cherry peppers, jalapenos, orange habaneros and ghosts. I literally cannot keep up with the amount of fruit I'm getting. I've had to give some away!

The only bummer I've had with growing peppers in an organic garden is a pest called the pepper maggot. They really took a lot of my hot cherry peppers. But I'll be better prepared for them next year.

I never knew there was a chilli maggot. Wow. So awesome you are growing your own chillies!

My experience has been mainly with Indian and Asian cuisine. Korean food is something I adore. Korean chilli paste and chilli powder differs from all others. The cuisine is easy to cook once one knows the basics.

Thai and other south east Asian dishes are more complex. Which is great! European use of the chilli has been limited by comparrison.
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