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Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
The importance (and difficulty) of how to play something and how everything should sound exactly (as opposed to what to play) gets underestimated.
Very true. I just wing it and hope for the best. Always have done.

I believe that there are ways of coaxing fabulous sounds out of drums of any brand, heads, condition or tuning. Any cymbal too. You just have to work it out (or be Steve Gadd).

Unfortunately, when playing with bands, many of those options aren't available to me due to technical limitations. The technical limitations are are due to character defects such as lack of discipline and patience. Those flaws were probably driven by neurotic parents and generally being a lemon on the human assembly line.

So, instead of playing exactly the right part with the right sound, I play simple beats :)

On a completely different tangent, I recently started listening to The Bad Plus again Dave King ... yet another great drummer with tattoos ... everyone seems to have 'em. He seemed to miss two very quiet ping shots right at the end - one was a click and one didn't get the rim. Small errors, but it looks to me by his reaction that it hurt :)

Edit: Larry, that thing looks hideous.
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