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Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
The French eat snails because after the Russians kicked their butts in their attempt to seize Moscow, that's all there was to eat on the way home. To me, snails are what you eat after everything else has been eaten. You start going for the insects.

I've tried some Escargo in a nice restaurant before with my ex and I'll have to admit, it wasn't bad at all.
I have to say though that I think insects are the future. For the energy input into the production of insects, the nutritional outlay is far more efficient than, say, beef or any conventional meat for that matter. I honestly think that in twenty years time, conventional agriculture will have changed significantly in reaction to population increase and I say this as the nephew of a beef farmer!

Snails aren't insects, they're molluscs - specifically gastropods. Totally different thing. I have eaten them, however, and they are rather tasty.
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