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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
I love Pennsylvania, but hate pretzels. Possibly the most benign snack known to man, unless you like cardboard. Ok, you can get a ton of flavourings coated on them, but once it's gone, you're left with that nothingness. I used to dread getting on any American airline, as pretzels were the only pacifier in the face of abject dime pinching,

On the subject of local foods though, I am partial to the very occasional Philly steak :)
I'll eat any pretzels before eating pork scratchings, which you do have in the UK, I was introduced to this repulsive snack in a pub (The Six Bells in St Albans, Hertfordshire) years ago, yuk!!! :(

... on the other, a Philly steak sandwich wins hands down on both pretzels and pork scratchings, no competition here... :)
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