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Default Re: Best Foot/double bass DVD?

Originally Posted by Bran View Post
Is Matt's and Tim's big on double bass pedal and train both feet evenly?
Good point - I didn't mention that. Matt Ritter focuses on 1 foot - the technique is the same of course but I do see some sense (might be better for motivation) to demonstrate both feet/double bass action. And this is exactly what Tim Waterson does - he demonstrates a lot of double bass stuff. (Of course Matt has good double bass control but he decided to demonstrate all the technique related stuff with one foot only, mentioning that the same principles apply to the other foot.)

I'd recommend getting both DVDs though. They complement each other very well. You know, you could just get Tim's DVD for now and buy Matt's DVD at a later time. Thus, you could get acquainted with various techniques (or optimize what you can already do) and get more overall confidence and control on the double pedal and _then_ get Matt's DVD to pick up some good info on settings and how to clean up your foot technique. I think while it's great to have a clean start right from the beginning, learning technique does take some time so 'cleaning up later' (learning from Matt's DVD) might make some sense but start off with Tim's tutorial.
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