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Did that send the blood running to your face? :) That's what happened to me when I realised I was in trouble - not sure whether I turned red or pale, not being in a position to see.

Pocket, pleased about your non mating with non wives. It's simpler that way.

I concede the "mate" issue on all points and hitherto withdraw any and all objections, and deeply regret any harm or reputational damage caused by hitherwhereforeartthouromeoto comments.

Zickos, alas, the air I breathe is anything but clean until I get the mould problem sorted (a ceiling cleaner with the full hazmat procedure is coming for initial inspection in 10 hours!). It's gross. No one will visit me until it's fixed and I don't blame them.

Moral of the story is if you ever have a mould problem developing - get it fixed promptly and properly. My dad thought he was being clever by not spending money on it but the mould probably knocked years off his life.
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