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Originally Posted by tooldrums1000 View Post
If you like metal, like I do and if you like Marco Minnemann, like I do then you will Love Necrophagist, like I do. Marco Minnemann's drumming is so amazing its almost inhuman how he plays a lot of his beats have odd time signatures but he makes it sound like a 10 year old can do it.AMAZING. So basically start listening to Necrophagist.
Ha, I don't listen to them but I stumbled on a video of Marco playing with them on YouTube and it cracked me up. Not only cos he's such a quirky/funny guy and the music is so dark but because he does it so well. I have his extreme drumming DVD, he's freakishly energetic, loud, powerful. Like the energizer bunny! It's a bit much for me after a while but I have alot of respect for him and I learned lots of cool ideas from him.

I've heard his coordination book is really good too, I may check it out one day.
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please do not take this advice for it is among the worst given
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