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Default Re: Best Foot/double bass DVD?

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
Matt Ritter's DVD is great to clean up your technique. But it is limited in the amount of techniques demonstrated (e.g. no swivel). Plus Matt provides but a few patterns because the focus of his tutorial is _not_ presenting patterns as this is so typical for most other tutorials. I do recommend his DVD though, it just has a different purpose than the standard tutorials on foot technique.

I also recommend Tim Waterson's "Techniques, Motions and Applications for Bass Drum Playing".

Now that one has (almost) every existing foot technique. (The only exception I know is an exotic technique when you're sitting way back and strike your pedals with the _heel only_, to produce single or double strokes. This technique seems to be used by very few drummers and I guess it's putting great stress on the heel. Ultimately just forget about that one.) There is so much stuff presented, learning just a fraction of it will keep you busy for a long time. Tim provides patterns, too, but not hundreds of them. But coming up with patterns is the next step, first the respective techniques have to be learned anyway, until one can play continuous 8th/16th notes with good evenness.

Tim provides the "what is there (and there's a lot)" (but also "how to do it"), Matt specifies on "how to do it cleanly", Thomas and Virgil show "the crazy stuff you can do with it (but go and figure out the technique yourself" (Virgil's tutorial starts easily but gets quite challenging.)

I'd also recommend the DVDs by Derek Roddy and George Kollias - they are in the extreme drumming context and there are lots of specific patterns (including footwork) demonstrated.
Thanks for giving us too many options damn you!! : )
Will have to check out the Derek and George ones at least.
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