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I'm okay with "mate", Spes, I was just making sure you knew which side of the fence I'm on (which isn't obvious from my name or avatar any more).

Henri, in real life I'm relaxed with those kinds of pet names because they will either find out that I'm not as soft as I seem or they'll die stupid ... apparently that was a favoured saying of my paternal grandfather when someone wouldn't listen to reason - "let them die stupid". Such a nice family haha

That intense creative run I had July has dried up. I now have an album's worth of appalling music and I don't have a single idea left. Probably just as well because when I get on a run I live unhealthily, chores are left not done and bills unpaid ... I imagine a fair few of us here go on these unsustainable "benders", either writing, recording or practising.
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