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Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
I'm sorry but I have a real issue with the 'Anti-Vaccine' crowd.

I the UK a few years ago, a Doctor published an article in 'The Lancet' that tried to claim that there was a link between a combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and autism. As a result, parents stopped their children having that vaccine. Now, a decade later the prevalence of measles has increased significantly despite the original research being totally discredited, withdrawn and the researcher in question kicked off the medical register. The study was completely bogus and now as a result there are a number of children in the UK whose lives have been put at risk directly as a result of ridiculous scaremongering.

As for the growth medium for vaccination, that is a complex ethical issue in and of itself which I don't think this forum really should be a platform for debating. I will just say though that as a result of vaccination programmes in a number of different countries, many diseases and illnesses have been significantly reduced and in some cases (e.g. Smallpox) have been totally eradicated. In the case of smallpox, there is actually no requirement to vaccinate any more because the pathogen has been totally wiped out in the wild.

Not vaccinating reduces the so-called 'Herd Immunity' ( which can do significant damage to populations and can promote epidemic and pandemic outbreaks.

Needless to say I think that vaccination is one of the great wonders of medical science and has saved and improved countless millions of lives. Without it, life expectancy would be much lower. If no vaccination were available in your country, then it would make a significant impact to your quality of life and it frustrates me that we take it so for-granted.
I respect your opinion. But research shows that most diseases were on the way out when the vaccines came in. And most children getting measles, mumps, etc. today have actually had the vaccine to begin with. And getting these mild diseases anyway results in lifetime immunity, so there's no point in getting the vaccines and risking your kid's health. When most of us were small we had 1-3 vaccines at most. We just got the diseases, which were really just inconvenient and harmless (few days out of school), then lifetime immunity. Children in the US now had 81+ vaccines and counting by the time they're 18. Totally ridiculous and evidence of drug company's powerfuil influence in American politics.
I totally believe that vaccines have caused autism. 100%. Now 3rd world countries are a different story. Anyway, sorry to rant.
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