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Default Re: Diet and Drummiong

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Diet is so important to everything. The older you get, the more bad nutrition affects you.
Eating unprocessed food makes me feel my very best. I'm finding out that gluten has a very negative effect on many people. If you have strange, seemingly unrelated health issues, try eliminating gluten from your diet. it made a world of difference in my own wife.

Wheat has gluten. A lot of people can't tolerate gluten from genetically un-modified wheat. The gluten in the genetically modified wheat seems to be affecting more and more people who otherwise could tolerate it.

Trying to get food that is not genetically modified....I'm not sure you can. The seed supply is controlled by a few multi-nationals, Monsanto and Con Agra are two.

The people who control the food supply...should be scrutinized more than anyone in the world. But that won't happen because the people who run the planet control these companies. We are their human experiment on genetically modified food. We don't even have a choice in the matter, unless you somehow get seed from genetically un-modified food and grow your own. Not bloody likely.

The FDA does not require labels to reveal genetically modified food. That's criminal IMO. Monsanto is allowed to police themselves. Are they serious? That's like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. It's worse than corruption to the core, it's perverse. They can do whatever they please.
Agree 100%. The United States is the only country that does not required genetically modified food to be labeled. It's a free for all. My theory is if GMOs are harmless as they say, what is there to worry?

Same issue with vaccines. If they really are sfafe - despite the fact many contain mercury, lead, aluminum, aborted human fetal tissue - then why did the US govt pass a law preventing citizens from suing the manufacturers?
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