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Default Re fake Passport spam

Originally Posted by keep it simple
You really are becoming a huge pain in the a&^%. Mods, can we block the ISP of this disease please :)
There is a block on most of those posts, the memebership never sees them (but the mods do!) and it's about 20:1 vs the ones that slip through. Why some do and most don't, I don't know. The forum software 'learns' from our reports of the posts, and will eventually reduce the number of visible posts to zero. FYI, there were 7 passport posts spammed at once this morning, only one got through. I nabbed all while the spammer was still online! Gotta love the look on his face when he can't post anymore. :)

But the passport thing is particularly amusing... who would possibly attempt to use a faked passport that comes from an unknown source? Sounds like a ticket to jail if you ask me!

I guess it's testament to the fact that Drummerworld has a huge membership, which is attractive to spammers.

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