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Default Re: Diet and Drummiong

I don't actually have any issues with genetically-modified food, based on the fact that humans have been using selective breeding techniques since the very beginning of agriculture and genetic-modification is just an advanced form of selection. It also has a higher predictability and is more controlled. That's an argument for another day.

I'm also going to state my interest here as being a vegetarian. I would never try to persuade anybody else to become a vegetarian because it's a deeply personal choice and unless there is a medical reason to become one then everybody's reasons are going to be different. It will also affect people differently.

As for the best dietary advice I can give? Moderation. Despite all of the recent dietary fads (Atkins, GI, etc) the most appropriate diet is one that provides you with the balance of what you need on a daily basis without too much excess and to eat regularly. Smaller quantities of higher-quality food will be much more fulfilling than large portions of poor-quality food and may well save you money as well. Vegetables, fruits, protein (in whatever form, meat or otherwise) some fat (it's very important in a balanced diet) and some calories. Just don't do anything in excess.

I'm also a terrible one for following my own advice.
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