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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Curious to know what that "something" is, Spes :) No, really. ... it's interesting to know what others see. BTW, I'm not your mate (having not mated with you) but at around age 40 you're a good age group for me haha (kidding :)

I've been bad ever since I stopped the cigs a couple of months ago - compensating, no doubt. Mum was a chaino and I'm not much better. Thinking of booking myself into a health retreat for a week. Has anyone done that before? Are they any good?

Here's a funny observation about online behaviour (totally unrelated to your post, Spes, I was going to post this link anyway):
Can I call you dude? What about buddy or pal? Hehe...just messing.
I've smoked the good stuff since I was 18 or so. It relaxes me after a hard day at work. If I didn't unwind in this way, I think I'd end up bringing a gun to work, and no-one needs that!! lol
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