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Default Re: How can I get my girlfriend to see how badly she needs to quit smoking?

To her, or anyone else looking to quit, find The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr. You can find it on amazon. The reviews speak for themselves. I went from 1.5 packs a day to none. Painlessly and with nothing less than sheer joy to be free from that trap.

I have an old friend who says "cancer scares, fear and facts do nothing for the smoker. The smoker knows 1000x more about the addiction and harm than anyone."

The book does none of this. It demystifies, it removes the romance and tells you the truth. It's a lie smokers have bought into long ago. The idea that you need it or enjoy it. I encourage anyone who's even thought of quitting to buy the book.

He has a short film on YouTube where goes over his method. Just google his name.

The only thing that was negative to me while quitting, was the shame of letting it go on for so long.
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