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Default Re: How can I get my girlfriend to see how badly she needs to quit smoking?

Give her a case of pneumonia..... just kidding but it did work for me. I have tried to quit many times before. January of this year i had the flu. By February it turned into pneumonia. THen they found a spot on my lung. After many test they decided to take it out to see what is was. July 20 they took my upper right lobe of my lung out and 30 lymph nodes. It turned out to be a carcinoid tumor. Its a very rare form of cancer. But it is not as aggressive as other forms of lung cancer. And was not caused from smoking. Im still recovering from the surgery. I am 38 and smoked since i was 16. But i have not had a smoke since Feb 5 this year. And have not wanted one. I wish you and her the best. THis is just my story. Some people smoke for 70 years and never have problems. I had a real scare and it has sobered me up in many ways.
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