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Default Re: How can I get my girlfriend to see how badly she needs to quit smoking?

i got my mom to quit in the 80s.

how did i do it (me a ten year old)?

i pushed a toothpick into the centre of each of her fags. these were those very thin toothpicks. i did each one really carefully so they didn't show. the smoke was so harsh i remember battling not to laugh as i watched mum suffer through each drag. she didn't even get through half the pack before chucking 'em and never starting up again.

my sister got my dad to quit too. he lived in another city. she did it by stealing a few fags here and there and throwing them under my dad's bar. she beleived my dad would think that cigarettes were too expensive after a while - but he is a company director so no dice. a year later my dad decided to demolish the bar and found about 100 mould cover ciggs under it. she confessed and cried and my dad was so ashamed he quit.

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