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Default Re: How can I get my girlfriend to see how badly she needs to quit smoking?

Originally Posted by larryz View Post
I also agree that you should look elsewhere for love. Tobacco addiction is an ugly thing. Make an ultimatum - quit or I leave. No use wasting your life possibly taking care of someone who is ill because of smoking.
Yeah, getting adversarial is a GREAT idea. I want to help and support her, not teach her some lesson "the hard way". Thanks for playing.
Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
Show her this least then she'll see how much it really means to you for her to stop. However, chances are, that unless she's ready to quit, she won't. No matter what you say or do. Actually you're the one who has to make a decision...Can you live with it or not?

Good luck :)
Thanks! I guess I will show it to her tonight and see what she says.
Originally Posted by JasperGTR View Post
Invest. At least you'll get a dividend every quarter, regardless if she ends up with a stoma or lung cancer.
I laughed out loud at this and mentioned it to her that I heard someone say it (didn't say where) and she also thought it was hysterical. :)
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