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Originally Posted by ventor
Haha I do as well... I have heard about Control Denied, but never heard a single song. Are they good (if one likes Power Metal vocals)?? But I cant imagine seeing this guy in a standup comedy, he seemed so quiet to me... Is he funny, actually?
Control Denied is basically Death (Perserverance era) musically but with Chuck focusing 100% on guitar and a dedicated vocalist who sings kinda progressively or powermetalish, awesome album man! worth every dollar! they did start on a 2nd album just b4 Chuck passed on and he had finished all of his guitar parts b4 he died but the rest of the bad is yet to complete recordings/mixing/mastering etc. which sucks, they say that it will come out someday but nobody knows exactly when etc.
Richard Christy is pretty funny check out his website...
What do you get when you mix a drummer with a roadie? A REALLY stupid roadie!
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