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Originally Posted by ventor
In my opinion, Richard Christy is the best Drummer ever seen on this planet. At the moment he is performing with Iced Earth, since this is a straight True Metal Band he does not have the possibility to show his real abilities here. But maybe you remember the last Death - record, The sound of perseverance. At this time, the legendary Chuck Schuldiner even called him "the most talented drummer of the 90īs. Replacing Gene Hoglan he had a heavy burden to carry, but he managed perfectly. I canīt say that he is better than Hoglan (who the hell is??), but even more technical and progressive.
So, tell me what you think about him and tell what else you know of this quiet, amazing man...
Correction, he parted ways with Iced Earth well over a year ago and is now involved with the Howard Stern show and does his own standup comedy, Bobby Jarzombek replaced him, and also check out the album 'The Fragile Art Of Existance' which Chuck did with Richard after 'The Sound Of Perserverance' album under a new bandname called 'Control Denied' (basically Death with a powermetal/progressive metal vocalist).
What do you get when you mix a drummer with a roadie? A REALLY stupid roadie!
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