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Default Re: Hats of to Mr draper - one for the yanks.

I hate to put a dampener on this, but I direct you to General Chuck Yeager's autobiography. Pilots of stricken aircraft are so busy trying to stay alive they are not thinking of what is on the ground. Rather they are attempting not to hit it!

Indeed I direct you to the historical magazine Britain at war, issue 62, Friendly fire incident on Salisbury plain remembered. On Friday April 13, 2012, a memorial was unveiled at St Giles garrison church. This commemorated an incident when an American pilot shot up a spectators stand during an RAF demonstration. The pilot, flight sergeant John Andrew McLaclan, unable to distinguish what was and was not on the ground fired into the spectators, killing25 people and wounding many more.

This is common in wartime. It is those on the ground who then interperet the events. Obviously with little to do with the facts of a young pilot desperately fighting the controls of his aircraft, possibly too low to bail out safely or fighting a jammed cockpit canopy. Something incredibly common with British fighter aircraft of WWII. Indeed, this is precisely what led to the creation of the Guinea pig club.

Nice touchy feely nonsense. But nonsense nonetheless.