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Default Re: Thought Travis was gonna break the record

Originally Posted by mattsmith
I remember this. I'm pretty sure it was said. But you know, alot of times these guys have publicity people who say junk the guys never really said themselves, like how he had gotten up to 1216 on his drumometer. You know thats crazy. But the publicity guy probably thought this was no big deal thinkin' nobody would follow up.

Travis Barker did go to a WFD last year but didn't compete. He had to see then how fast it really is.

Genetic freaks? That's hilarious.
dose any one have tape of travis saying that? i dobut he did, probably was what you mentioned people publicly saying stuff to bring hype up... i doubt travis would claim he could compete. i love his style and all, but i doubt (you never know-he could be at his house laughing hitting 1300! just kidden) he would say he could set a new world record..
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