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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hi all
My name is Jon.
I have been playing drums for about 15 years or so and playing music in total for about 20.

I have a DW Jazz series kit in Green Glass with chrome hardware.


5.5x14 VLT Exotic in Twisted Rainbow

6.5x14 custom built. WorldMax hammered brass shell, drum foundry die cast batter hoop, triple flanged reso hoop, Pearl Steve Ferrone Lugs and strainer, Puresound custom 20 or 22 wires(dont remember).

7x12 Mapex Black Panther snare Maple/Cherry

3x13 Mapex Black Panther Steel with cast hoops

16x18 Custom built kick. Keller shell, drum foundry lugs, finished in Fromby's Tung Oil (poly blend).

All Zildjian Cymbals

22 K Custom Ride
22 K Constantinople Hi Bell Ride Med Thin Low Special Selection
20 Oriental China Trash
19 K Dark Thin crash
19 K Dark Thin Crash
19 A Custom Projection Crash
17 K Dark Thin Crash
14 K Mini China
14 A Mastersound Hats
10 A Custom Splash

5 LP cowbells
Red Jam Block
TRE44 Treeworks Windchimes

Yamaha DTX for quiet practice

Shure Mics
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