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I had the best experience last night! I was lucky enough to see Dave Weckl, Thomas Lang and Dom Famularo play together in Adelaide!!!

It was the best drum workshop I have ever been to, but I have only been to a few. All drummers were incredible, and I learnt so much just from watching those masters in action. It truly was incredible, and if anyone has the chance to see any of these guys live, do no give up the opportunity because you will regret it!!!

Being a great fan of Thomas Lang, I couldn't wait to meet him, let alone hear him play!! Technically he is unbelievable and the amount of practice that he must have to do to reach the level he is at is just mind-blowing. I can certainly understand why he is known as the octopus! He did a huge solo, as what he is famous for, and did one of his famous foot patterns at speeds one could not achieve with their hands and then played a crazy solo in a completely different pattern over the top while continuing the foot pattern. It was crazy, and I really admire him.

I hadn't heard much of Dom before the night, but as a drummer he is a really, really nice guy. He talked a bit at the start and made some jokes, and beforehand he came out pre-concert to shake everyones hand and thank them for coming out. He was the only drummer who came out to do that and I was very impressed. He was very sincere and I really like him now not just as a drummer, but as a person. And about his drumming, he is very musically talented and has a fantastic feel when he is drumming; you can really feel his playing.

But Dave was that notch above both of them. He doesnt have the same character as Thomas and Dom, but he was very wise and you could tell that every chance he had to learn, he had taken it. He has that level of... just a mix of experience, dedication, love and wisdom of what he does more than Thomas or Dom. He was really great to watch; he didn't play one drum out of time, and each stroke had thought and control. His solo was extremely well structured and it had a real feel of a good drum solo, if you know what I mean. I will always remember him as one of the greatest drummers of all time, and the amount you can take away from him is fantastic. He is just that notch above the rest and is really great to see. His wise words were his secret to making a living from drumming. If you really want to be in various groups, play sessions and be a great band drummer, you must learn as many different styles as you can, be as versatile as you can.

So if any of you ever get the chance to see ANY of these drummers, then don't let it up, because you can learn something from seeing every drummer play, even if the drummer is worse than you, you can still learn what not to play. So be open-minded to everything in the music industry.

All fantastic, especially Dave. Hope I didn't go on too much :)
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