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Default Re: 14, a pivotal age in shaping our musical tastes?

I don't think age 14 is any different than any other age when it comes to being influenced. When music grabs you, you know it, age notwithstanding. I loved music as a toddler. Mack the Knife was my favorite song, so they say. I don't actually remember it. I have no doubt that it influenced me in some way though. As a boy in 4th grade, before owning a drumset, I clearly remember my kick pedal leg was always jumping and I was a tapper. I remember tapping out the drum solo to "In-a-gadda-da-vida" on the school lunchroom table at age 11 after I had drums. I was born like this for sure. Like I wasn't born to be an electrician, that's just something I do so I can own a house so I can have a studio so I can play drums.

Age 14 was the year I expanded my mind for the first time and I did look at music differently from then on but I can't say what I was listening to totally shaped my future tastes, it didn't.
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