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Default Re: Meteor Explodes over Great Britain Last Night

Originally Posted by Thud View Post
We were having British summer weather last night. That is to say pouring rain and a howling gale. Anyone with any sense would have been snug and warm indoors. We wouldn't have noticed the Second Coming.
Thud, to you & me, Grunt's last night was our Monday night.

I heard it Grunt, but my son & his friend saw the whole deal. By coincidence, they were walking from our garage to the house, & were amazed to see this spectacle. It was a clear night, so visibility was good. Also, we live pretty high up in the middle of nowhere, so the effect was even more pronounced. Gutted I missed it, as that's a once in a lifetime visual feast right there. The boom was impressive, especially as it exploded some 40 miles away from us.

You're right though Grunt, the energy in these things is enormous compared to their size. Most people don't know that the average shooting star is no bigger than a grain of sand, the biggest being the size of a pea, so a meteor the size of a golfball is capable of producing quite a spectacle. In terms of destructive power, a meteor on impact delivers about 100 times it's weight in TNT.
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