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Default Re: 14, a pivotal age in shaping our musical tastes?

For me when I was that age, The BeaTles were just arriving along withe the Stones, Dave Clark Five, and a few others. Also Motown. That was the mid to late 60's. Then in the 70's I turned more toward the Jazzy Stuff. Jazz organ to be exact. Jimmy Smith and others. I still like most Genre, and not one more than the other. I guess the premise is correct, but at the same time as The BeaTles, I was playing high school band and orchestra. So there was classical, some Broadway musicals, some John Phillip Sousa and others. So I guess my rambling has confused everyone including myself. I just like most of it and am glad that rap, hip hop, and some other ghastly stuff wasn't out when I was 14. I'd hate to think I would still be listening to that stuff.
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