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Ian, that was mercifully fast - and interestingly so. Seems like everyone but the written law agreed that Tony was right in his court case, so everything had to happen under the table. I guess someone had more cojones than the judge.

As for all this reproduction of yours - yep, you and your partner are certifiable. That's as close as I get to "congratulations" for middle aged parents-to-be as I can muster :)

Steve, I never had a clue about the rats. Dad left the roof leaking for some years - when I finally got the roof fixed the guy had to pull out all this refuse from the dozens patch up jobs. So the rats had their own little sheltered pad up there with occasional running water. Made me think about what Larry, as an electrician, puts up with at work.

8, I sometimes do that - fix punctuation and spelling, point out that someone's dog goes into psychotic rages ... guess it's the pedant in me. Seems that every expert that comes in sees a problem in another area that I didn't know about. Never been part of the land-owning gentry before so it's a steep learning curve. One thing I've found is it's hard to line up tradespeople - they must be hauling it in because they're always booked up till next week at least.

Renting is so much easier - a bit like childhood in a way. Mummy or Daddy landlord / landlady solves all the problem - if they want to.
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