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Default Re: 14, a pivotal age in shaping our musical tastes?

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
...But for me it started a bit earlier because my parents would take me music shopping when I was much younger, so consequently music from around 1974 I consider "my own" too. It's when you start to assert an identity, eh?...
Well, that's going back to a very tender age Bo ;)

But yes, I was 14 in 1972, but I was already listening to music before that age, I already had my own records from 1968-69, and I was still listening to records I bought in 68 at 14. It goes the other way too, I don't think it's that specific year (when you're 14) that' so important, but the period were you're starting to discover your own taste in music, I remember thinking that Salisbury from Uriah Heep was one the coolest song I ever heard back in 1971, and I still love this song, even today, there was many other songs by many bands, this one's just a good example.

Did that music shaped my musical taste? well yes... at least for a few years, it was even the music I played when I started drumming, but... I think it's only a phase we're going through, and as you grow and mature, you explore new ground, you play "new" music, it becomes a new phase in your life, juxtaposing with your previous phase, and so on... for some the phase changes and metamorphoses are not a world appart and remain focus in the very same music they listen back at 14, but for some others these phases changed and evolved dramatically into new styles radically different than their teenage years.

I'm not sure I would love to play my 14 years old teenage music in a band now, but I'm sure I will love it 'til I die :)
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