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Default Re: 14, a pivotal age in shaping our musical tastes?

Originally Posted by SticksEasy View Post
Most music I listened to at 14 is long gone. I'll still listen to a hand full of songs that I was hearing throughout milestones of the time, but other than that I've outgrown it. My favorite song at 14, and I still listen to it for Nastalgic purposes was 'Slither' by Velvet Revolver. I got into rock music when I was around 10 or 11, and my first CD was Bon Jovi's Crush album. It was when I was 13 and 14 that I started tracking down heavier music.
Well it doesn't have to be the exact music you listened to. But at 13 or 14 you say you started tracking dow heavier is that still your taste today? If it is, then the principle still rings true. I may not listen to everything I listened to then but that style of music is still what attracts my ear the most.
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