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Default Re: 14, a pivotal age in shaping our musical tastes?

You always have the best posts, MaryO. Definitely the best avatar photo too....

14 = 1979 for me. Hm. A decent year in pop/rock music but also a transitional one. The punks were hating the soon to be classic rockers big time, while the older guys were trying to stay hip. Billy Joel, "Still Rock and Rocll to Me", McCartney's failed "Back to the Egg" album. 1979 was close to the last days of disco too. Correct me but I think the only year the Grammys had an award for Best Disco Song was 1979. Winner was the great Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive". Then the Disco Sucks debacle at Comiskey Park in Chicago occurred that year. Hm, I think Disco haters were wrong in hindsight. Here we are 33 years later and "I Will Survive" is regarded as a disco anthem, as well as many other tunes, especially Donna Summer's fine catalog. They've aged well. And Chic was at their peak in '79 too. The Rodgers/Edwards duo is certainly regarded today as primo. Great sound and musicianship. For me I recall listening to Kansas and Rush heavily, but also liking top 40 fare. Anyway, yes today I do admit to loving disco and especially drumming Disco. Fun and grooving.
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